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Advertising Tips & Tricks #example

This Hash contains the things I've learned building + optimising our fb campaigns and will serve as an ongoing #resource for myself and the marketing team :)

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Never "boost" a post that isn't already going viral as cost per impression will sky rocket!

It's far better to:

  1. create a post and schedule it to be published in the future (so it's not shown on your page straight away);
  2. use ads manager to promote it.

This way, you'll have access to far more controls, and better reporting.

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When using "Interest" based targeting, isolate your target segment by creating and testing categorised lists of interests and removing everything that might be too general.

For example, let's say that you're targeting Road Cyclists.

Interests on Facebook to ignore (as far too general): Cycling, road cycling, road bike etc.

Interest categories:

Magazines: Cycling Weely,, Road Cycling Network etc
Brands: Pinarello, Specialized, Cannondale, Bianchi etc
Famous Cyclists: Bradley Wiggins, Peter Sagan, Chris Froome, Vincenzo Nibali etc
Apps: Strava, MapMyRide etc

Creating these lists will help you better isolate your target and optimise your campaigns. If a list doesn't work, remove or improve it.

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Use 'Existing Posts' rather than 'New Adverts' for creatives.

There's a major benefit to using Existing Posts (EPs) rather than traditional image ads as your creatives for newsfeed campaigns. This is basically that EPs can be associated with multiple campaigns, whereas standard image ads can only be shown in one campaign (and, if copied to a new campaign, will result in two identical but separate ads). This means that, for EPs, all those super important social indicators (likes, comments, shares etc) will be attributed to just that post and carried forward every time the EP is used in a new campaign.

I've found that this leads to 1. a higher CTR (click through rate) as people think "wow, this is popular - better have a look!" and 2. greater viral reach. Win!

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Lookalike audiences can work really well (assuming the source list is large enough)!

To create a Lookalike audience:

Visit Ads Manager > Tools > Audiences, select Create Audience > Custom Audience and then upload your source list.


Facebook will take a little while to generate the audience, so go have a coffee :)

Next, when Facebook's done, click Create Audience > Lookalike Audience. On the following step, select the source list you just added, specify the country, and set the audience size (1% usually works best to start with).


Once done, your Lookalike audience will be ready to use in any campaign.

Tip: try testing 2% lookalike audiences (excluding 1%), 3% (excluding 2%) and so on! If this works, you'll end up with a massive potential audience!

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Spending $5 per day for 100 days, though it has less psychological impact, is exactly the same as spending $100 per day for 5 days. The latter is better as you'll learn a lot faster, and digital advertising is ALL about learning.

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For easy website tracking, use to create custom URLs for all your ads!

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Organic reach for Page image and status posts isn't what it used to be.


  1. Don't do page like campaigns! Most newsfeed ads that link to your website will contain the Like button anyway, so you'll get some indirect Likes.
  2. Try posting videos - these have been working very well recently!

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