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Growing the company by 10x! #example

Hey everyone, last year was an amazing year for us in terms of growth (congrats to everyone!) and I want to make sure we stay on track to make this year's stats just as impressive. So...

What are some ways we can increase our customer base?

Let's list and evaluate our options here.

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Hi everyone, I think we underutilise email!

It’s probably one of the most effective marketing channels we have according to past results, yet we only do campaigns once every 6 months or so. Why don’t we try:

Scheduling in more campaigns.

We could start with one a month and, if users respond well to that, increase it to once every two weeks.

Increasing our lists

We could do this by:
- making the sign up box more prominent on the page;
- displaying a lightbox when we think people are going to leave;
- writing an ebook. Others have great results with this, and let’s be fair, we have a lot to share about what we do!
- any other ideas?

I can take care of this - shall I create the tasks?

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J1 Nice! Let's start by scheduling more campaigns - one a month sounds great for now. Please create the task!2016-04-27 02:02:03 NEW 0
J2 Will do now :)2016-04-27 02:02:04 NEW 0

How about we run a PR campaign?

Our latest features have gone down really well with customers and I’m sure we could turn this into a story. A friend of mine is a top tech journalist - shall I reach out to him to see what he thinks? #LetMeKnow

If it’s a goer, let’s create another Hash to brainstorm possible story ideas!

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J3 This would be a great way to get some backlinks too.2016-04-27 02:02:08 NEW 0
J2 In two weeks, we're launching something BIG - let's wait for that and then pursue this!2016-04-27 02:02:09 NEW 0

Our affiliates have been doing really well recently - I suggest we start promoting our programme on our homepage to get more signups. Can we add it to the menu for a week and track the results?

(Wanted to bring this up at the last meeting, but didn't get a chance!)

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This is more of an indirect one but...why don't we have more interns?

The previous company I worked for had an army of them! It was great experience for the interns, and freed up part of everyone else's time to focus on questions like this one. If there's interest, I know a great agency and will reach out.


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J1 I think this is a brilliant idea - please do reach out and post the details back. Let's make this #high-pri2016-04-27 02:02:19 NEW 0

In terms of paid advertising, we're spending around 80% of our ads budget on Google and 20% on Facebook. Facebook is actually performing incredibly well, with a lower CPA than Google and a huge potential audience. Could we authorise a budget increase? Would be much better than diverting resources away from other campaigns that are working.

In addition, I'd love to test these networks, which we haven't touched yet:

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Stumbleupon
  • Adsterra
  • Bing

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J3 Can you add some info about the audience potential on those networks?2016-04-27 02:02:14 NEW 0

Our churn rate is low (yay!) but can definitely be improved (which would of course increase our Customer Lifetime Value).

Why don't we reach out to customer's who've left and ask them what happened? We may learn some really valuable lessons. We have a comprehensive list already of accounts that have been closed in each month already, so it would just be a case of drafting and sending an email, or picking up the phone.


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J2 Nice! I've actually been doing this for the last few weeks anyway - I've been writing the responses in a "Feedback" Hash on Shrtct - I'll share it with the team now :)2016-04-27 02:02:22 NEW 0

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Why don’t we create some buzz by offering a limited number of discount codes?

(Could perhaps tie this in with X's PR campaign idea - may make it easier to get journalists on board?)

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J2 I usually take the view that, if a product is great (and a product should be great), you don't need to give away discounts...2016-04-27 02:02:12 NEW 0

This sounds a bit too simple, but why don't we increase our price? Our customers are very loyal (due to our amazing service!) and, even if we increased it by 10%, we're still cheaper than competitors.

If I've missed an obvious reason why not do this, just go ahead and archive this :)

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