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Welcome to Shrtct! So, what's the deal?

Hey there!

Shrtct's a home for information, ideas, solutions and discussions; a central hub to Hash out the details of what you're working on, prepare your team and make the big decisions that drive you forwards, smartly.

This is a Hash - a place to bring key people together, in public or private. Each contribution is a separate block that can be highlighted and discussed (productivity win!), or archived (clutter defeated!).

What are Hashes great for?

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Use Hashes to bring key people together to devise and develop your strategy and Hash out the answers to difficult questions.

Tip: Is something finished? Mark it as resolved by clicking the icon in the top right.

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Gather and organise information, using categories and tags.

Tip: to use #tags, which appear in your Space and work like filters, just add hashtags in front of words!


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Use Hashes to crack open the brains of your teammates to find and develop solutions that otherwise might never have come to light!

Tip: Archive posts that don't meet the standard, or aren't relevant, by clicking the "x" in the top right corner.


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Build consensus around a vision - revise, conclude and progress with increased clarity and confidence.

Tip: Categorise your Hashes by creating and assigning Activities within your Space!

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Display archived posts


So you've found the archived section! This part is useful for cutting clutter and keeping your Hash organised.

Archive answers by clicking the "x" in the top right. Once they're archived, you can click the same button to reinstate them!

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